A little bit about me…

Welcome to Benjamin Reece’s website! I am a graphic designer, illustrator, animator, 3D modeler, web designer, art director, scripter, coder, and troubleshooter extraordinaire living in Austin, Texas.

I was originally trained at the Fine Arts College at the University of Texas at Austin, but I have built upon that edifice through the fire and the fury of the workplace, as well as continued instruction from other sources. I have strong breadth and depth of training in the graphic arts, having continuously developed my repertoire from humble beginnings in desktop publishing, to now include forays into 3D modeling, animation, interactive design, web design, scripting, coding, and more. I am at home in environments where challenge is abundant, and learning is valued. I have over fifteen successful years in the publishing industry, and I am further pursuing career growth in the areas of advanced illustration, interactive design, gaming, and motion graphics.

The buttons on this page will take you everywhere there is to go on this site. So go on, explore, and enjoy the show!